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Total PC Management for the IT Professional

“PrefixNE offered great time savings. Tasks such as client inventory can now be completed in minutes.”
--- Dan Thomas, IT Manager 
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Asset Management  
Obtain up to date software and hardware inventories, software license compliance monitoring as well as critical alerts regarding asset status – with PrefixNE you’re in control of your network
Remote Control  
PrefixNE automates and allows remote performance of an almost limitless range of day-to-day tasks, including deploying software, switching off PCs and executing restarts - saving you time and boosting IT productivity
End-Point Protection  
Control devices such as memory sticks, PDA’s and MP3 players connected to the network, providing protection from malware attack and data theft, without resorting to a blanket lock-down on USB ports


Why PrefixNE?

Simply put – PrefixNE is the most cost-effective complete solution for the IT professional on the market. Providing all the functionality you need to secure and control your network assets rolled into one easy to use application, PrefixNE saves you time and boosts productivity at a highly affordable price.
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