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Prefix Asset Management

Prefix Manage, know at any time exactly what's installed on your PC network.

How can you know exactly what assets are installed on your network's servers, desktops and laptops? Irrespective of your network's size, structure and geographical layout, keeping track of what hardware and software you have, where it is and who is using it is a challenge, to say the least. With multiple locations and access points that challenge can become a serious headache.

With Prefix Manage, you'll know, at any time, exactly what’s installed on your PC network – hardware and software - and whether it’s correctly licensed. Uniquely, Prefix Manage is a real time asset management engine, giving you instant access to a complete hardware and software inventory for every PC on your network, with just a single click of your mouse.

Armed with this information, you will be able to anticipate problems that at present could take you by surprise – a server running low on memory or disk space, for example. And improved, up-to-date management information on network assets and licenses will allow you report on and more accurately project expenditure, and run a leaner, more cost-effective network.

The information that Prefix Manage will put at your fingertips whenever you need it includes:

Which machines are low on resources.
Who has external storage devices connected.
Who is using p2p applications, or browsing the web during working hours.
Which machines have been left switched on at the end of the day.
Which machines have any given software package installed, and whether or not it is properly licensed.

Because Prefix Manage is a real time asset management engine, you will be able to access up to date information on any or all of your network resources, with just a few clicks, whenever you need it. Quick, easy and powerful, Prefix Manage arms you with the information you need, when you need it.

In today’s environment you need to be able to know, at all times, exactly what assets are installed on your network, who is using them, and that they are all properly licensed: Prefix Manage is nothing short of essential.

Prefix Manage is fast, powerful and straightforward to use, with every function available within four clicks in one powerful central console. With Prefix Manage you can:

See a complete hardware and software inventory of all your networked PCs, instantly, at any time.
Identify all machines with a particular hardware or software asset installed.
Create groups of machines, for example to report on assets or roll out software.
Identify out of date, missing or incorrect licenses, avoiding overpayment, or fines and corporate embarrassment.
Identify open shares, registry changes, and other potential threats.
View your network as a whole, by groups of machines or as individual PCs, from a single, central console.
Identify machines with low memory, high CPU usage or other potential weaknesses.

Read on to discover how PrefixNE’s other modules will give you power and control over your network, or Download a free trial today.

PrefixNE. Power and control over your network assets.

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