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Prefix Enforce

Are your users browsing the web, chatting online or downloading copyright materials with bandwidth-hungry peer-to-peer applications?

Prefix Enforce will put you back in control of the ways in which individuals use your network, saving you time and maintaining network efficiency and performance.

With inappropriate activity controlled, network resources will be available for authorised activities. Productivity will improve as employees devote working hours to their responsibilities. And you will spend many fewer hours sorting out problems after the event.

Prefix Enforce allows you to set and enforce policies across your network, down to the individual PC level. You can stop specific applications from running, restrict others to specific hours or users, and ensure that vital services such as firewalls and anti-virus solutions cannot be disabled.

In common with PrefixNE’s other modules, Prefix Enforce is simple, fast and powerful. Every function is available within four clicks in the central console. With Prefix Enforce you can:

Blacklist forbidden software.
Stop users from shutting down vital processes.
Set drive, folder and file sharing policies.
Restrict or block personal use of network assets.
Restrict or block the use of devices such as flash drives, MP3 players and PDAs.
Restrict specific users to specific PCs.
Allow the use of specific devices, by serial number.

Read on to discover how PrefixNE’s other modules will give you power and control over your network, or Download a free trial today.

PrefixNE. Power and control over your network assets.

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