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Prefix Act allows you to automate an almost limitless range of tasks.

Prefix Act allows you to automate an almost limitless range of tasks.

How much time do you spend going from location to location, updating this, installing that, or configuring the other? What do you have to do to achieve a network-wide restart on all your PCs? How do you roll out critical registry changes to large numbers of machines across multiple offices?
Prefix Act saves you significant amounts of time by allowing you to fully automate tasks such as these and a wide variety of others, executing them from a single, central console.

Traditionally tasks like software installation, registry updates, and PC shutdowns and restarts have meant a lot of walking from machine to machine for the IT professional, or complex liaison with remote offices. With Prefix Act, such processes can be automated, and then triggered centrally, whether the PCs in question are on the other side of the room, or the other side of the world.

With IT professionals' time increasingly under pressure, Prefix Act's powerful automation tools are essential for any organisation running PC networks.

Prefix Act is simple, fast and powerful, like PrefixNE's other modules. Every function is available within four clicks in the central console. With Prefix Act you can automate an almost limitless range of tasks, including:

Software deployment and upgrades. Running scripts.
Execution of tasks. Shutting down and restarting PCs.
Starting and stopping programs. Searching for, copying and deleting files.
Registry updates. Sending messages to network users.
Opening and closing shares.  

Everyday network management tasks eat time. Prefix Act gives it back to you.
Read on to discover how PrefixNE’s other modules will give you power and control over your network, or Download a free trial today.

PrefixNE. Power and control over your network assets.
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