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Prefix Critical Alerts warns you when specific circumstances, defined in terms of rules, arise, enabling you to avert potential crises before they occur.

Where are the weak points in your network? Those points at which a failure could spell disaster, not just for the network, but for the business? What if you could know about looming problems in advance – the specific circumstances that could damage your network – and deal with them before they become business threatening?

With Prefix Critical Alerts you will be able to do exactly that, reducing business risk, increasing network availability and minimising downtime. Quickly, easily and from one central console.

Prefix Critical Alerts warns you when specific circumstances, defined in terms of rules, arise, enabling you to avert potential crises before they occur.
You can set rules dealing with any aspect of your network, PCs and servers. You can set them with reference to a single machine, groups of machines, or an entire network. And you can monitor machines anywhere on the network, irrespective of their geographical location.

Prefix Critical Alerts is highly flexible. Its ability to monitor any aspect of any machine or group of machines means that you can set the rules that suit your organisation and your network. You are not constrained by any pre-set structure. And it is simple to use – rules can be set up in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Until now, achieving this level of intelligence and control has meant either prohibitively expensive software, or extensive Network Operations Centres (NOCs) – or both. In many small and medium-sized organisations the IT professional has of necessity engaged in ongoing fire-fighting activities, fixing faults and rectifying problems after they have done their worst. Prefix Critical Alerts puts you back in charge of your network, and in today's environment that is nothing short of essential.

Prefix Critical Alerts is simple, fast and powerful, like the other PrefixNE modules. Every function is available within four clicks in the central console. It allows you to:

Set rules to trigger alerts before critical situations arise.
Receive alerts by on-screen pop-up messages, email, or, where the necessary application exists, by SMS to your mobile phone or PDA.
Set rules at any level down to individual PCs and servers.
Set rules that precisely suit the needs of your network, servers and PCs.
Review and analyse event logs to identify long-term trends and cyclical phenomena.

A version of Prefix Critical Alerts is available for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Maintaining a separate network information database for each client, this allows the MSP to separately monitor and protect each client's resources, from a single central console, reducing risk, saving time and enabling the MSP to deliver improved levels of service.

Read on to discover how PrefixNE’s other modules will give you power and control over your network, or Download a free trial today.

PrefixNE. Power and control over your network assets.
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